Physiotherapy often accompanies manipulation and, at times, may be the only therapy administered, should it be warranted.  The following therapies may be utilized in our office:  hot/cold compress; manual massage; electric muscle stimulation; therapeutic ultrasound; stretch assistance; and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation.

LASER:  Provides relief from acute and chronic pain, as well as tissue healing from common sprains/strains.  Additional costs apply.

Each patient's needs are different and your experience from one visit to the next may not be the same, as it depends on your condition at the time of your appointment.​

Many forms of manipulation are utilized by chiropractors around the world, but most patients are familiar with what is commonly referred to as "diversified."  This is the traditional, hands-on style used in most offices, and what Dr. Cox will use a majority of the time.  The Activator is a hand held instrument with an entire treatment protocol that devout Activator docs use throughout their practice.  Often it is used when the patient prefers this method, or when manual manipulation is contra-indicated (not safe).  Sometimes simple mobilization is the key.  This can be very similar to manual manipulation but without the thrust.  Remember chiropractors treat ALL joints of the body; not just those of the spine.


Move it or lose it is Dr. Cox's motto.  Whether you're young and healthy and still have the benefit of a strong metabolism; older and healthy but concerned about aging; younger and not so healthy; older and suffering from arthritis.  Everyone can find a way to keep moving.  Whatever your goal-set, we'll work together to find exactly what regimen works best for you.  No amount of self stretching, or exercise is too little.  We all have our limits, so we understand that not everyone can simply add an exercise regimen to their daily routine.  It's a matter of priorities.  When you realize the importance of health and the roll it has to play in the life you wish to lead, the rest is easy.

You may be given advise, on occasion, pertaining to general dietary needs.  Should your needs be more specific in scope than Dr. Cox can accommodate, he will refer you to someone who can best help you in whatever regard.  Elements of your diet that may be discussed are those related, but not limited, to diabetes, inflammation, vitamin regimens, and allergens, to name a few.  Dr. Cox may make product recommendations but you are encouraged to do your own research.  

Fees:  Please call the office.  760-898-3860

* No-show or same-day cancellations will be subject to the full amount of scheduled fee.

*Self-pay patients are cash/credit/debit/check.  Should you have chiropractic coverage under your insurance plan and you wish to file a claim for reimbursement, a statement of charges can be provided. 

Dr. Jim Cox